Technical Advantage

Conventional SAGD facilities design was borrowed from cyclical steam stimulation with limited changes for SAGD.   The plants are highly capital intensive; construction costs and schedules are uncertain and operating flexibility of completed facilities is limited.  These challenges, coupled with the inherent resource risk, result in high economic hurdles for typical oil sands development.

Oak Point’s innovative technology for SAGD process facilities addresses issues existing with the conventional approach:

  • Capital cost/risk;
  • Long cycle time to cash flow;
  • Reservoir performance risk;
  • Competition for resources.
  • Environmental impact

The Oak Point facility designs are modular, with each module based on proven equipment, customized and optimized for SAGD service.  The modules are designed to be portable.  Once transported to the site, an entire SAGD facility can be assembled in 30 days.  Portability provides key benefits:

  • Cost reduction and cost certainty – construction can occur in low-cost/high-productivity markets;
  • Schedule – construction can begin ahead of regulatory approval since it doesn’t occur at site;
  • Risk management – facilities can be redeployed if the reservoir does not respond as required;
  • Flexibility – capacity can be added in increments to optimize capital and operating efficiencies.

Our process simplification and automated equipment has been designed to perform oil sands exploration and development with maximum reliability and minimal operations staffing.  The footprint of an Oak Point facility is substantially smaller than conventional plants which minimizes land impact.  Unique technology applications also yield reduced green house gas emissions and lower water consumption.

Oak Point Energy has created three different design configurations that address a broad range of oil sands applications. Click here for:


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