The Oak Point Advantage

Portable Facilities that can be assembled or dismantled in 30 days

  • Cost reduction and certainty by maximizing efficient shop fabrication
  • Risk Management by piloting and facility redeployment on poor reservoir response
  • Development Flexibility by matching facility to reservoir capacity for the full project life

Small Unit Scale reduces costs through mass production

  • Large units involve expensive on-site construction and often don’t match reservoir need
  • Relocation and assembly is more efficient from a cost and time perspective
  • Mass producing several smaller units is cheaper than custom building a single large facility

Standardized Design with three purpose specific configurations

  • "Design Once – Build Many” eliminates cost and time of one-of-a-kind engineering
  • Each configuration has a specific business purpose (pilot, single well pad, large reservoir)
  • All major unit operations are currently used in commercial SAGD operations
  • Click on the links below for more information on these configurations:

UltraLite – 1260 BBL/day Pilot Facility
1nSite® – 7200 BBL/day Single Pad Facility
MultiSite – 24,200 BBL/day Multi Pad Facility

Intellectual Property reduces costs through mass production efficiencies

  • 4 US patents awarded (5 US applications pending)
  • 9 International patents awarded (Numerous pending)


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