Oak Point Energy’s unique technology has the capability to significantly reduce oil sands exploration and development’s environmental footprint. This is able to be minimized through limiting land disturbance, limiting a high level of water utilization, and improved energy efficiency and emissions.

Our portable SAGD technology offers  minimal Environmental impact with the following key features:

  • Water Efficiency: High produced water recycle rates (96-98%);
  • Energy Efficiency: Better than conventional SAGD (5-10%);
  • Footprint: Small facility footprint located on well pad;
  • Reclamation: Portable equipment rapidly deployed;
  • Human Intrusion: Minimal on-site construction, maintenance and operating personnel.

Oak Point Energy’s unique facility integration well pad (single well pad - 7,200 bpd; or multiple well pads - 20,000 bpd @ 3.0 SOR) processing plant site improves both economic and environmental performance.


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