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KemeX, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oak Point Energy, has delivered technical expertise to the oil, gas and hydrocarbon processing industries for over 20 years.  Through the background of our people and this extensive heritage, Oak Point provides a unique blend of owner-oriented experience and expertise in process engineering.

International experience in project execution, finance and economics are combined into our unique skill set.  Oak Point provides a business perspective that has proven invaluable to clients who are continually seeking ways to improve their competitive edge. 

Our expertise assists owners in extracting value from process equipment by changing operating conditions, monitoring and maintenance.  We leverage our cross-industry experience building new and operating existing facilities to deliver business solutions that create genuine value for our clients.

Plant Optimization and Reliability

Oak Point’s approach to plant optimization and reliability is centered around the belief that the best operations are founded on a solid understanding of the principles driving cause and effect.  Many opportunities are identified from the re-interpretation and complete understanding of the cause driving the physical effects of the plant.    
Oak Point’s audit process (“AIM®”) is deployed within a client's existing operations to accelerate improvement.  AIM®:

  • identifies key areas for improvement
  • recommends practical and actionable solutions
  • delivers a clear implementation plan
  • ensures that measures exist to quantify benefits
  • provides a tracking system to monitor progress

The AIM® process results in structured and efficient audits. All AIM® auditing is conducted within an established framework with specific protocols customized for each individual client application.

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Low Capital Debottlenecking

Oak Point has developed detailed process simulations and plant models for the majority of the major industrial processes that we have been involved with.  These models are adapted and customized when working with new clients and plants.  Many of these models have been developed to include kinetic models for key reactions within the process, resulting in complex, reliable models which provide significant value for debottlenecking or creep capacity initiatives.

The models allow for the simulated resolution of constraints, and the anticipation of subsequent constraints.  In all constraint cases, changes in operating conditions or procedures are first explored as zero capital capacity increase opportunities.

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Project Support

The team at Oak Point uses rigorous process engineering modeling to develop solutions that fit our clients processes and businesses.   The organization is capable of taking an assignment from opportunity identification through  to an “issued for construction” package.   We differ from EPC firms through the quality of our front end work.  

Oak Point has “owner representative” experience in supporting organizations to ensure that project objectives, cost and schedule are being met.  When employed in this way, Oak Point monitors plant design, activity rates and the procurement process to be sure that the project trajectory is properly set and managed.

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Project Development
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Commissioning and Start-up



Oak Point provides consulting services to insurance and equity organizations to assess the validity of claims, risks and opportunities.

In the event of an incident, Oak Point will participate in, or audit the outcome from, root cause failure analysis.  This can lead to the complete acceptance of incident cause and recommendations as revealed, or to further work to troubleshoot and mitigate the risk of future occurrence.

Assessing the true value and potential of large operating assets can be difficult.  Oak Point provides assessments of plant and equipment conditions, and their level of optimization.  Whether requested to do a cursory review, or detailed analysis, the outcome helps investors in understanding the risks and opportunity in potential acquisitions.

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Industry Experience

Oak Point has experience across a broad range of industries.    Through this breadth, technical and operational solutions can be migrated across manufacturing platforms.   It’s a view into opportunities that organizations who specialize in their own processes rarely get to have.

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